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  • Flower Power Cold Process Soap Recipe

    Posted on November 24 2016

    Try this 60's Inspired Cold Process Soap Recipe The heady, uplifting aroma of the patchouli plant is unmistakeable; known as the scent of the 60s, patchouli is an earthy, bohemian...

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  • Goat’s Milk Oatmeal Cold Process Soap Recipe

    Posted on November 15 2016

    Creamy & Relaxing Goat's Milk Oatmeal Soap Recipe Show your skin some love with the gently cleansing combination of oatmeal and goat’s milk. Our Clean’n’Calm artisan soap has a richly-moisturizing...

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  • 5 Top Benefits of Olive Oil Based Soaps

    Posted on October 25 2016

    Why Use Olive Oil Soap? For as long as people have been around, personal beauty and care has been one of the most fashionable, prominent, and heavily contested topics in...

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  • Mango Moisture Cold Process Soap Recipe

    Posted on October 15 2016

    The Perfect Soap Recipe For Mango Lovers Making soaps from scratch is a great way to get creative at home while also caring for your skin with all-natural products. Our...

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  • Top 5 Benefits of Cold Process Soap Making

    Posted on September 13 2016

    Old Fashioned Cold Process Soap Making Cleansing soaps as we know them today date back in history thousands of years, to when the ancient Babylonians combined animal and vegetable fats...

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  • 5 Benefits of Cold Process Soap

    Posted on November 06 2015

    What is cold process soap? Soap is one of those day-to-day products we take for granted, but did you know that this cleansing staple actually dates back thousands of years...

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