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  • The History of Soap Making

    Posted on November 02 2016

    5,000 Year History of Soap Making We take soap making for granted, having used it almost daily for our entire lives. But where did it actually come from, and who...

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  • Top 5 Benefits of Cold Process Soap Making

    Posted on September 13 2016

    Old Fashioned Cold Process Soap Making Cleansing soaps as we know them today date back in history thousands of years, to when the ancient Babylonians combined animal and vegetable fats...

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  • A Refreshing Orange & Oatmeal Natural Soap Recipe

    Posted on July 07 2016

    Orange and oatmeal natural soap recipe Few scents are as uplifting as ripe, juicy oranges. How would you like to experience the refreshing fragrance every day, without even reaching for...

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  • 5 Benefits of Cold Process Soap

    Posted on November 06 2015

    What is cold process soap? Soap is one of those day-to-day products we take for granted, but did you know that this cleansing staple actually dates back thousands of years...

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