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8 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Posted on March 21 2019

Natural Skin Care Tips & Tricks | 8 Steps to Daily Skin Maintenance

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. In fact, you must! Go ahead, pamper yourself. Love yourself. And you can start with your skin.

Sometimes with a fast-paced workplace, the skin is the last to get pampered but first to take the brunt of unhealthy lifestyle. In truth, taking care of your skin can be as simple as hydrating and can unnecessarily be overcomplicated with chemicals that we lather it with. In any case, taking care of your skin rewards you with more than just a beautiful glow. From natural skin care products to exercise, there are many ways to be a little bit more indulgent with your skin.

Don’t feel guilty. It’s more than just external beauty

Taking care of your skin is not being shallow. It is not just a procedure that you need to follow in order to be “beautiful”. Some feel guilty of taking care of their skin because they are misunderstood as being capricious. This is why the skin is the least cared for organ. We unhesitatingly take in medicines to improve our health, but we forget that the skin is a part of the body that also needs care. There is a common misconception about skin care that prevents us from recognizing what is truly more beneficial.

The perception that beauty is skin deep creates a misunderstanding of what beauty is. Taking care of the entire body is important, health wise, and that includes our skin. Skin care is science-backed, with enough studies to encourage us to holistically look at health as an overall, body and mind endeavor.

You don’t need to feel guilty. What is beautiful is overall health.

 8 ways to take care of your skin

When you care for your skin, you are also taking care of your body, physically and psychologically. Use this list to find out how you can include them in your routine.

1. Use a soap with coconut as an ingredient to help ease eczema attacks

According to the National Eczema Association, there were 31.6 million people or about 10.1% of the population of the United States have some form of eczema. Eczema is an umbrella term that is used to describe for symptoms that involve inflamed, reddish and itchy skin. It might not be critical at the onset but it can develop serious effects in a person. It affects not only the physical aspect of a person who has it, but also the psychological aspect. People with chronic eczema tend to lose their self-confidence and lower self-esteem because of wounds from itching that can be unsightly especially when the skin gets infected.

Naturally, strong soaps with harsh ingredients will not work with eczema and will only further aggravate your skin. Coconut oil has been found to help ease symptoms by soothing the skin and reduce irritation and itching. A soap that has coconut oil for an ingredient will help with the problem. Coconut oil is

naturally a moisturizing ingredient, but what really helps is its components. Its medium-chain fatty acid contains lauric acid that fights growth of harmful microorganisms.

There are other natural ingredients that were tested to treat eczema but only coconut oil has the most scientific evidence to back its claims.

2. Limit bath time

If you think taking long showers and luxurious baths help your skin, it does not. While lounging on the bath for hours on end can be relaxing, it has a disastrous effect on your skin. Soaking too long in hot water removes oil from your skin that is needed to moisturize it. If you want to lather, choose a lush, natural soap that will help your skin glow.

3. Hydrate in and out

Water. It's so valuable and yet we fail to see how beneficial it is for the entire body including our skin. We are all advised to drink 8 glasses of water every day to help with the internal organs. Not only does it help internal organs with cleaning but the effect also radiates on the outside.

To help hydrate on the outside, find bathing essentials that are infused with apple and cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is 90% water and apples are 85% water. Combine for a refreshingly hydrating solution.

4. Pine tar for moisturizing and eases psoriasis troubles

Like eczema, psoriasis is a skin problem that is difficult to manage. Psoriasis is a serious condition and is linked to diabetes and heart conditions. But with a bit of help from science, it is possible to live with the skin problem and yet live a comfortable life.

To ease symptoms and effects, pine tar is a scientifically proven topical treatment for psoriasis. Pine tar is an end product of pine wood carbonization after distillation using extreme heating. This should not be confused with the coal tar that is also a beauty ingredient. It's been traced back to ancient Greece and prescribed by Hippocrates as a medicine 2000 years ago.

As an alternative, pine tar soaps can be used on the entire body as an additional cleanser for itchy and inflamed skin attacks. It has an antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal components that help ease psoriasis attacks or even other skin problems. But aside from a solution to treat psoriasis, it is also suited for bath use to moisturize skin.

5. Don't forget to cover up or put on sunscreen

The effects of too much exposure to the sun might not be visible right away, but when you reach a certain age, wrinkles will soon creep up on you as a result of not protecting your skin from too much ultraviolet rays. Sun exposure is the most common cause of wrinkling.

It's normal for our skin to wrinkle as we age, but we speed up the aging process with too much sun exposure, which in turn causes to form free radicals that damage the elastin fibers in our skin. For

protection, apply sunscreen that are free of harmful ingredient and cover up on certain times of the day to avoid the scorching sun. Bring a hat, a cap or an umbrella to cover up!

Don't forget the vitamin D, but mind the time when sun bathing!

6. Stop smoking. Just stop!

You might have heard of this countless of times, but smoking does no one any good at all! We can lay down each of the chemicals in a cigarette and its effect to our body but that would be too long a list. So, if we are to sum up smoking's effect on our skin, it would be about oxygen and how your skin loses it because of the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide blocks the oxygen that is supposed to circulate to the organs including the skin. And once oxygen is missing from your body, in this case your skin, it becomes dry and discolored. If there is a drastic change you need to do, this should be it.

7. Choose to go natural

From food to skin products, going the natural way has been proven many times over that it is more beneficial. For one, no more chemicals. A paraben-free soap is worth looking into. Paraben is being studied for its role to cause breast cancer and infertility in women. With this information, choosing products that have natural ingredients trumps chemical-based products. Moreover, it helps with the sustainability of the planet.

8. Scrutinize the ingredients of your skin products

Oftentimes, artisan soaps or handmade soaps are the kind that do not include harmful elements. The only way to find out is to scrutinize before you buy any beauty soap. Familiarize yourself with common chemical substances that are included in beauty soaps. For example, paraben has many kinds and might squeeze its way into your collection. Another well-known product is triclosan and a lot more than you can explore. More often than not, these chemicals help prolong the shelf life of the products. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can be life threatening.

Make skin care a habit

Taking care of your skin is a way of indulging yourself. It is a luxury that we can afford for the organ that works hard to ward off pollution, chemicals, and unhealthy lifestyle. Indulgence only comes once in a while, but when we turn this into a regimen, you will truly embody a healthy lifestyle that is not just on the internal, but also on the external.

But more than indulgence, the difference lies in whether you make these suggestions a permanent part of your daily routine. Harness the benefits of these tips for long term improvement. Others see an enormous difference right away on their skin, but some tips needs repeated action, depending on what your beauty and health goals are.

In some cases of medical conditions like psoriasis and eczema, always consult your doctor before starting. For more information on other products and the natural ingredients that we use, you can visit our website for natural handcrafted soap.

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