9 Tips to Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

Posted on April 18 2017

Spring has finally sprung in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s time to dust off those cobwebs and prepare to bare a bit more skin.

Over winter, wrapping up warm is a priority, and it’s easy to let your beauty routine fall by the wayside for a few months. The winter elements can wreak havoc on your complexion, however, causing patches of dry skin and flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema.

Pores become clogged as dead skin cells build up and skin struggles to retain moisture against the cold, dry wind.

Now that the blossoms are out, the sun is shining and the wind isn’t quite so biting, spending a little more effort on a regular beauty regime can pay off. Read our top tips for a beauty spring clean so your skin is ready for the warmer months ahead.

Switch Moisturizers

In winter, it’s important to guard your skin against the harsh elements, which often means using a heavier moisturizer to create a protective barrier and help retain moisture. As the weather warms up and the elements become less severe, it’s a good idea to switch to lighter creams that are better absorbed during the warmer months.

Continuing to use a thick, heavy cream in warm weather can make skin greasy and cause overproduction of oil, which - in turn - can lead to breakouts.

Check Expiration Dates

Makeup and beauty products generally carry expiration dates, and there’s no better time to check these than during a spring clean. While products like eyeshadow can last for around two years, mascara should be switched out every three to six months.

Over time, makeup products exposed to air will dry out and become difficult to use. Additionally, bacteria starts to build up, which can be transferred to skin and cause pimples or infections.

Start Scrubbing

If you’ve left your skin to fend for itself over winter, spring is high time to slough away those dead cells and reveal a brighter complexion beneath. Invest in an exfoliating natural soap to gently remove dry skin without stripping away moisture.

Buffing away dead cells improves the appearance, smoothness and tautness of your skin - just be careful to avoid anything too abrasive, as well as artificial chemicals and ingredients that may irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Wash Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can help you achieve an even finish when applying foundation or blush, and enable blending for that just-right look. However, these handy beauty tools can also be magnets for bacteria, transferring germs from the face to the product and back to the face again.

Collecting oil and dirt, as well as bacteria, makeup brushes should be washed regularly. If you’ve not used them as much over winter, this is a task you may have overlooked until recently. Simply soak in soapy warm water and use your fingers to separate and clean the bristles. Rinse, pat off excess water and allow to air dry.

Sort your Supplies

With each new season comes a new beauty trend (or five), and you could find that over the winter months you’ve accumulated a lot of season-specific products and colors. As spring sets in, new beauty trends will emerge, so spend some time sorting out your supplies and putting winter shades into storage.

Keeping a spare makeup bag to store products until you’ll need them again is a good way to keep everything in order and make room in your day-to-day cosmetics bag for new beauty buys.

Focus on Feet

After months of hiding away in winter boots, your feet may be well overdue a little care and attention. Hard skin, calluses, and grown off nail polish are just a few common winter feet problems, so spend some time attending to your toes.

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak that will soften hard skin, making it easier to remove. Using a pumice stone, buff away any dead skin cells, paying attentions to areas like the heel and ball of the foot. Use a manicure kit to neaten untidy cuticles and file nails, or book in with your beauty therapist and treat your feet.

Nourish Naturally

If you’re planning to bare a little more skin over the coming months, prepare by replenishing thirsty skin that has spent the winter in sweaters. Use a body brush to remove dead cells and improve circulation, and start using a natural moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil.

Natural bath products and olive oil soaps can help keep skin hydrated without leaving any residue, so add some moisturizing bath products to your routine for sunshine-ready skin even on the days when you’ve not moisturized.

Start thinking SPF

It’s advisable to wear SPF all year round; even when the sun is hiding behind clouds, its rays can penetrate through and damage skin. If you’ve been using a low SPF during winter, or nothing at all in terms of sun protection, spring is the time to start thinking about using a higher level sunscreen.

The summer sun may not yet have arrived but spring often brings with it some surprisingly hot days, so don’t get caught out. Check whether your makeup contains SPF - many cosmetics do, but protection usually wears off after a certain amount of time on the skin.

Eat Cleaner

Cold, dark days increase the desire to hibernate and stock up on carb-rich foods. Starchy foods are converted into sugar in the body, which spells bad news for health and beauty - too much sugar stimulates the overproduction of sebum, which can lead to oily skin and pimples.

When the time comes to soak up some sunshine, you’ll want your skin to be clear and blemish-free, so start eating cleaner for a radiant complexion. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and proteins free from preservatives and added ingredients encourage overall health, while small amounts of nuts and oily fish are especially good for the skin.

Do you have any spring cleaning traditions for your beauty regime? Let us in on your tips in the comments section!

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